Individual Training
Few training programs to enhance the employability skills of an individual:
  • Spoken English.
  • Call Center training.
  • Customer Relationship management.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Voice and accent skills.
  • Personality enhancement.
  • Interview preparation.

  • Effective communication is an essential component that is needed to succeed in all spheres of life. The quality of conveying of views, thoughts and ideas is enhanced by training people on correct sentence making, the art of composition that helps in long speeches through grammar correction. Paraphrasing & rephrasing is the real art needed to learn for effective communication and simplifying things in conversation. Right choice of words with diction improvement & enhanced explanatory power with vocabulary builder not only changes your thought process but also makes you a better conversationalist. Your confidence level shoots as high as it can after grabbing this power of communication.


    V&A training module is to make you understand major four accents and make you learn how to speak in Neutral / Global or popularly known as Universal accent. During the training you are taught ROS as per Rositls Law. Emphasis is laid on pronunciation to speak the words correctly. Enunciation to speak the word with clarity. Voice contours are improved with proper intonation, modulation and offering proper slides and glides in speech. Word stress and sentence stress play an important role to make your speech style impressive or beautiful.


    INTERVIEW terminology is not only explained but figure out to the trainee / student. This is not done by defining what an interview is but by practicing it. Starting from effective job mail writing, preparing resumes, pre interview preparation for making them rightly perform without making interview blunders. Real criminal cause to rejection. All this is done along with a set of most FAQ's of interviews.


    Personality briefly means one's total self or sum total of us. In this module you are told what you are, be what you are and improve you to develop. Prepares you to " dare to dream" & implant "persevere drive to succeed". Unleashes your specialties to prove your metal & take the reward of success . Drastic change in physical appearance and thought process leads to desired results. It is the change that matters.


    Better build good people rather repairing bad ones. Behavioral traits such as attitude, motivation, perseverance, etiquette and gesticulation, honesty, sincerity, commitment & courtesy along with many more such ingredients are taught in this module to make you a better person. One of the major criteria of selection in today's corporate world is to carry best of the soft skills in your wallet. Sure shot mantra to succeed from a person to professional.


    Groomed with corporate terminologies, culture along with knowledge of corporate protocols enables you to successfully enter the corporate world gel up with the system to make you swim with the flow before you commit mistake of getting drowned by swimming against the flow. An executive is born and proceeding to be a hardcore professional. The journey begins.