Institutional Training
We realize that the best time for an individual to learn is during his schooling or graduation so we make it a point that our training programs are tailored made for this level. Neither a student nor his parents are aware of the demands in the industry. The students are provided with the best knowledge but they do not know what is expected of them, so most of the time they lose their path and end up making wrong decisions regarding their career and future. The end result is that they are not as successful as they ought to be. We ensure that we make them realize the importance of training workshop so that they are keenly interested for the program.

Our focus is for Training in an Instructor-Led hands-on environment, ensuring that each participant gains knowledge that can be directly applied back on the job or in preparation for industry recognized certifications.

The need for need-based training is increasing day by day with the advent of new technologies and complexities of businesses. Especially professional course students need to be aware of the new developments and the industry demand so that they can relate to the real life situations in a better way. Our courses not only make them aware about the latest trends and developments but our practical sessions bring them to such level of confidence that they can handle the real life situations.

These additional skill sets combined with qualification degrees gives a perfect blend to a student's career as most of the employers are in a look out for smart professionals who can be productive for their organization from the day one.

  • STEP 1: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Our placement wing conducts an extensive research in the industry (for all sectors) to gauge the current trends and demands. With the help of the feedback obtained from senior HR and operation professionals in the industry, our research team devises various training program for different sectors (Such as IT, Civil, Mechanical, marketing & sales etc.). The training program is devised in a manner wherein the participants gain an insight into the latest trends and developments, learn new skill sets and enhance their employability skills.
  • STEP 2: TRAINING PROGRAM DELIVERY: Various customized training programs are delivered to the students studying in their respective fields. The training is conducted in the college premise as per the availability of classes and lab. The classes could be conducted either after the daily classes or on the weekends depending upon the times schedule of the candidates.
  • STEP 3: MOCK INTERVIEWS AND TESTS: Our instructors conduct a mock exercise for interviews and written tests to ensure that participants have understood and grasped the outcome of the training program. This makes sure that the objective of the training program is fulfilled and the participants are ready to face the corporate challenge in the campus interviews.
  • STEP 4: CONDUCTING CAMPUS INTERVIEWS AND PLACEMENT EXERCISE: Once the training workshops have been delivered successfully, our placement wing takes over and organizes campus interviews and placement exercise for the successful participants. With our contacts and ties, we are able to invite the corporate's to visit the campus and conduct the recruitment exercise for the successful participants. Candidates are directly scheduled for the interview at the corporate site wherein the corporate's are unable to attend the campus interviews. A wholesome exercise makes sure that placement opportunity is provided to all successful participants in their respective fields.

  • Successful participants get placement opportunities with leading corporates.
  • College/Institution gets a good name for its placement record. Would help in seeking more candidate admissions in subsequent years.
  • Corporate's get the trained & skilled manpower, who can be productive from the day One.

  • One point of contact - a dedicated training consultant will administer your entire program.
  • Flexible training schedules: day, evening and weekend.
  • Multi-level training: from beginner level to advance level.
  • Certified Instructors, Consistent, high-quality instruction.